Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maths Journal 15 Jan 2011

Mathematics can be applied to our daily lives. Being applied to our lives in what way? Well, here are some examples that I have observed in my life today. Well, this morning, I woke up at about 8.15a.m. I had a meeting with my teacher at about 12, noon. Due to time management, I planned my time. From about 8.15a.m. to 9.15a.m., I washed up, and had breakfast. From about 9.15a.m. to 11.30a.m., I did my homework, cleared my room and caught a television program(Time). I left my house and started my journey to the Bukit Batok MRT. I travelled a distance of 367m, walking to the Commonwealth MRT station. I had to cover a total distance of 10.167km(Distance). On the way to the Commonwealth MRT station, I had to meet my friends, before boarding the train heading for Joo Koon. I met up with my friend at about 11.40a.m. However, two more friends were at wait. By the time they arrived, it was already 11.46a.m.(Time) We boarded the MRT(C651). It travelled at a speed of 80km/h(Speed). It arrived at our destination about 12.02p.m. We met up with our teacher then, and had lunch. My teacher then gave us $50, to select our meals. However, we didn't have much of appetites, so we only ordered drinks. We bought a total of 6(Numbers) cups of drinks. It costed a total of $11.97(Money). We received our drinks and our change of a total of $38(Estimation). We chatted and sipped on our drinks, till it was 5.45p.m.(Time flies...) Unfortunately, it was raining at that point of time. Thankfully, my teacher decided to drive us back to the Commonwealth MRT station :)
- Greg

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