Friday, January 14, 2011

Ratio: What? Where? Who? When? Why?

  1. What is ratio?
  2. Where is ratio used?
  3. When is ratio used?
  4. Who uses ratio?
  5. Why is ratio used?

  1. Ratio is the comparison of two numbers.
  2. Ratio is used everywhere. In the classroom where teachers compare the number of boys and girls.
  3. Ratio is used everyday. Ratio was first used in Egypt when people build pyramids.
  4. Everyone in the world can use ratio, if they know it.
  5. Ratio is used to give a better understanding to people of how to do something or even to compare. Example: To create a substance, you need to use water 3 times the amount of cement.  You can put it as 3:1.
By Yong Lin, Joshua and Greg.

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