Monday, February 7, 2011

Arabic numerals write up

Write Up on Arabic Numeral
The first paragraph is describing about the how much we owe to the Arabic mathematician and how did the mathematician play a great role in the past for four centuries.The second paragraph is about algebra and the four conceptual stage.The third paragraph is about the hindu-arabic numeral system.
We presented the poster by the three of us and we presented by elaborating on the poster and adding more details.
3 strengths we had
-1) able to answer all the questions
-2) language used in poster is appropriate
-3) Understood the topic
3 areas for improvement
-2) lacked enthusiasm 
-3) did not make enough eye contact
We felt that we needed to speak out more and be more enthusiastic in our assignment, and also finding out more information about the year these numerals were created.

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