Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maths Homework and Summary :)

Hi all,
here's today's summary and homework:...
Mindmap(If any of you haven't done it...)
Due Date: Friday, 11-2-11

We learnt about generalization, evaluation and how to do a simple and test to find out if a big number, (eg.247) is a prime number. if you still don't understand the process you can ask Ms Tan or visit this website first.
note: This is found in your factors&multiples review worksheet.

The multiples and factors test is on friday, 11-2-11.

Optional challenges:

What does a(-n) mean?
What does a(0)? (done in class)
a(n)/a(n)=a(n-n) > a(o)
What does a(1/2)?
Extra notes:
The “power” button:
White calculator is Y(x), on top the Exp button

Joshua Leong
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