Wednesday, March 23, 2011

eLearning (Math): Lesson 1, Task 2 by Balram Sharma

The questions:
  • (a) What is the most common mode of transport to school?
  • (b) Which group of schooling children, Pre-Primary, Primary or Secondary, use public transport most?
  • (c) What percentage of students does not require transportation to school?
    • Include 2 possible reasons why they do not require transport to school.

My answers are:

  • a) Public Bus only, assuming one mode of transport.
  • b) Secondary School students

  • c) About 31.4% of the students do not require transportation to school. This could be because they either live on-campus (in the case of exchange or foreign students) or they live very near their schools, and so, walk to school everyday.

Balram Sharma (#06)

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